Terms and Conditions for Greetings

Last updated on: July 15, 2022

By booking a lawn sign with Beaton’s Greetings, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Your date and greeting will be secured when your invoice is paid in full. The invoice will hold your booking for 48 hours. If payment (or arrangements) have not been made within 48 hours, your booking will be cancelled. 
  2. Setups and Takedown Times (time are not guaranteed):

    Greetings within the City of Peterborough will be setup between 6am-8am and taken down after 8pm.

    Greetings outside of Peterborough will be setup before 10am and taken down after 7pm. For example: Cavan, Bridgenorth, Keene, Norwood, Lakefield, Omemee, Lindsay.

  3. Free delivery is only offered within Peterborough and during the regular set-up/pick-up windows as above. 
  4. Lawn maintenance (mowing, weed trimming, watering, etc) must be done before installation of the display, or postponed until after the pickup. Grass trimmers/mowers will easily shred the decorations and the renter will be charged for these damages.
  5. Summer ONLY – Lawns should be watered for 2-3 hours the evening before setup.  If the greeting is a surprise on someone else’s lawn we understand you may not be able to water prior to the display being installed. In the event your greeting cannot be installed (or the original setup is significantly modified), due to hard ground conditions, we cannot be held responsible. See refund policy.
  6. We are not responsible for any damage or personal injury caused by the lawn sign/display. Children must not be allowed to run around the displays as they could easily be injured should they fall onto, or trip over, any part of the display.
  7. Do not add or tie anything to the display (example: balloons, ribbons).
  8. Setups are installed in the immediate front yard facing the road. Please enquire for other types of installs.
  9. We are not responsible for fallen signs. We do our best to ensure the display will not move/fall over, but we cannot control the weather. In case of extreme wind conditions, the display layout might need to be adjusted, installation postponed, or taken down early. See refund policy.
  10.  We will not setup inflatables if the extension cord needs to go on public property (ie. sidewalk).
  11. No part of the display should not be moved or relocated by the renter. Unless the renter is trying to avoid damage or theft.
  12. Inflatables requires the renter to supply an outdoor extension cord to the setup area. The cord should be plugged in and ready for setup. If the cord is not provided, the inflatable will not be setup. See refund policy.
  13. For any reason, if the home owner requests the lawn sign be taken down before the scheduled removal time, there may be additional removal/travel fees. See refund policy.
  14. The renter agrees to pay for any missing or damaged decorations. Regardless of who took/damaged them.
  15. The setup location will be assessed upon arrival and if deemed unsafe, for any reason, Beaton’s Greetings can cancel the installation. See refund policy.
  16. Inventory is constantly being renewed and added to. Therefore, all signs/themes may not be exactly as shown on the website/facebook.
  17. Names will be fulfilled will letters as much as possible, however, letters may be substituted with a decoration (using a round flower or ball for an ‘O’) or a ‘fake’ letter (using an ‘F’ and ‘L’ to make an ‘E’) when needed. 
  18. Generally, standard greetings will have the solid thin letters and deluxe greetings will have bold sequin letters. Requests will be considered, however, letter choices are always at the discretion of the designer and availability.
  19. By booking a display through Beaton’s Greetings, the renter authorizes Beaton’s Greetings to take a picture of the final setup (which might include their house and/or vehicle(s)) for posting to business website or social media sites. 
  20. Beaton’s Greetings reserves the right to shorten the greeting message should the setup area be smaller than the message can accommodate (Ex: BDAY instead of BIRTHDAY). We will do our best to advise of this in advance.
  21. Unless specifically requested, Beaton’s Greetings will setup the display with the best use of the space available. (ie: If there is space, or slope/hill, the sign will be spread out on ground level. If the space is smaller, we may choose to layer the display so it can be seen better.)
  22. All prices subject to HST.

Refund Policy

  1. Bookings cancelled more than 48 hours of the setup date will receive a full refund. 
  2. Bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the setup date are subject to a $40 non-refundable deposit.
  3. Cancellations must be done by phone or email. Refunds will be issued within 1-2 business days and a confirmation email will be sent acknowledging the renter’s request.
  4. Refunds will be issued via etransfer to the email address on file.
  5. In the event we have to cancel due to inclement of weather, including high winds or lightning, we will either reschedule your greeting or offer a credit.
  6. No refunds will apply for the following:
    • If the wrong address or date was provided.
    • If you did not correct an error in the confirmation email.
    • If permission was not given to you by the homeowner or recipient and we are asked to remove the display early.
    • If setup personnel deem the site unsafe due to wild/aggressive/unrestrained animal.
    • If setup personnel are turned away from a gated neighbourhood by security because they were not informed or do not allow temporary signage.
    • If the extension cord was not supplied/plugged in and the inflatable was not setup.
    • If part of the greeting falls over/moves while on display.
    • If we have to take down the display early due to unexpected weather conditions.
    • If the greeting cannot be installed (or the original setup is significantly modified), due to hard ground conditions.

Customer Referral Program

Thank you for sharing Beaton’s Greetings with your friends and family!! We appreciate your referrals and want to extend our appreciation to you!!

For every NEW customer who books and pays for any of our services, you will receive $10 off your next booking.

Program Guidelines and Information:

  • Your credits never expiry. You can add them up and receive a totally FREE service.
  • There is no cash value associated with the credits and they can not be combined with any other offer we may have going.
  • New customers must identify you as their referral when booking and spend a minimum of $80 before delivery and taxes. Only 1 previous customer can receive a referral credit.
  • Customer credits can not be used towards delivery fees and taxes.