Other Lawn Signs

Retirement ~ Graduation ~ Other Signs

Beaton’s Greetings can setup a lawn sign for anything……

Sports Celebrations:

  • Go Packers!!!
  • Hornets for the Win!
  • Thank You Coach Spooner!


  • Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension
  • Congrats on Retirement


New 2022 setup!! Colour of balloons and stars can be customized to your liking – tons of options available! One graduation keepsake (2022 decoration on the left and right of the display) will be provided to each graduate (until supplies last).

Standard Grad Setup with blue accents
Standard Grad Setup with purple accents
Deluxe Grad Setup

Get Well:

  • No More Chemo
  • Get Well Darryl
  • Welcome Home


  • Merry Christmas…..Inflatable Santa and Grinch available!
  • Happy St. Patrick’s Day
  • Happy Halloween
  • etc….