Let’s Celebrate!

TONS of decorations to choose from: (Pictures below)

  • Party – cakes, presents, hats, etc
  • Funny – emojis
  • ‘Holy Crap’ (Poop emojis)
  • Love – hearts, flowers
  • Beach/Pool/Summer/Tiki set
  • Shopping set
  • TikTok set
  • BBQ Man/Dad set
  • Fishing set
  • Golf set
  • Camping set
  • Travel set
  • Healthcare set – NEW
  • Cheers to Years (Beer Mugs)
  • Fine like Wine (Wine Bottles and Glasses, etc)
  • Animal Lovers – Dogs, Cats, Lamas, Butterflies
  • Flamingos – a full yard of fun flamingos!!!
  • Gardening, Baking, Sewing (can use them all or just pick from this set)
  • Sports Cars
  • Classic Cars
  • Motocycles
  • Sports (baseball, football, soccer,  basketball, hockey)
  • Gamer sets – generic, Fortnite, Minecraft, Super Mario
  • Movie night set – NEW
  • Food lover set (Pizza, Burger and Fries, Donut and Coffee, etc) – NEW
  • School set – NEW
  • Girl Teen Pack – cell phone, headphones, makeup
  • Boy Teen Pack – cell phone, headphones, youtube
  • Sweet/Super 16 – keys, cars, Sweet/Super 16 flash, etc – fun for teens getting their license
  • Dinosaur set
  • Superheroes set
  • Monsters
  • Princess set
  • LOL Dolls set
  • Unicorns
  • Mermaids – NEW
  • Baby items (bows, balloons, elephant, giraffe, storks, lamas)
  • Retirement set
  • Anniversary set (3 options available now!!) – NEW
  • Graduation sets – 3 to pick from
  • Tag lines (#GAMER, Fabulous, Thank you, We LOVE you!, #TEENAGER, #DRIVER #Over the HILL, Congrats, Adventure Begins, Hip-Hip Hooray)
  • 4 foot cakes and matching flair NOW here!!!!!!

All signs come with balloons, stars, and/or streamers as extra flair to fill them up and complete the overall look 🙂

Flash Signs:

Flash signs are large 1-2 piece signs that are used to say the main message in your greeting.  These are great for smaller yards!

They are normally 4″ in length!!

We have multiple options:

  • Happy Birthday (with party hats)
  • It’s your birthday (with balloons)
  • Enjoy your day and Happy B-day – used together
  • Happy Birthday (Super Mario)
  • L.O.L. Birthday Girl
  • Happy Birthday (Fortnite font)
  • Happy Birthday (red, blue, gold, purple, teal)
  • Rosegold Happy Birthday
  • Sweet/Super 16
  • Happy Anniversary
  • Happy Retirement
  • Baby


Book this, or something similar for Mother's Day!!


Mini Lights

Add them on for night-time fun!

They are battery operated and come in white and coloured. We turn them on during setup and they will be on all day – ready to enjoy as soon as the sun goes down!