Birth Announcement

It’s a Boy!

Announce a new baby with a Beaton’s yard sign. Pricing does very with baby signs as the size of the sign could be smaller (as above), or Very Big. Please contact us with all your questions. There are many customizable options available; including an inflatable baby! Message ideas include:

  • It’s a Girl
  • It’s a Boy
  • Welcome Baby

We can even do something simple like this. Please just ask 🙂

Gender Reveal Yard Sign

We can turn your beautiful greeting into a unique Gender Reveal moment for you and your family…..

  • Greeting would say, “Boy or Girl?” or “Lashes or Stashes?” or whatever you’d like.
  • Inflate the baby to reveal the appropriate gender sash.  
  • Have the couple turn around once inflatable is full or watch while the baby inflates. Inflatable only takes a min or two to fill up.
  • Sash displays the gender!
  • Pink sash says “It’s a Girl” and blue sash for “It’s a Boy”

Baby Shower Too!

These decorations and signs are great for baby showers too! Idea message include, but of course can be personalized to whatever you want:

  • Welcome Baby
  • Showering Baby Beaton
  • Baby Shower Here!

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