Birth Announcement

It’s a Boy!

Announce a new baby with a Beaton’s lawn sign. Starting at $85 with many customizable options available; including an inflatable baby! Message ideas include:

  • It’s a Girl/Boy!
  • Welcome home Bentley
  • Hello Little One
  • Welcome Princess
  • Mister or Sister?
  • Double Trouble!

Gender Reveal Lawn Sign

We can turn your beautiful greeting into a unique Gender Reveal moment for you and your family…..

  • Greeting would say, “Boy or Girl?” or “Lashes or Stashes?” or whatever you’d like.
  • Inflate the baby to reveal the appropriate gender sash.  
  • Have the couple turn around once inflatable is full or watch while the baby inflates. Inflatable only takes a min or two to fill up.
  • Sash displays the gender!
  • Pink sash says “It’s a Girl” and blue sash for “It’s a Boy”

Baby Shower Too!

Setup for a drive-by baby shower!

These decorations and signs are great for baby showers too! Idea message include, but of course can be personalized to whatever you want:

  • Welcome Baby
  • Showering Baby Beaton
  • Baby Shower Here!
  • Use emojis and make it funny….More ‘Poop face’ in our Future ‘Smile heart face’
  • Let’s party before Baby Beaton’s here

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